Alternative R&B artist Mulini is a UK based singer, songwriter, and producer, who has recently released his debut EP 'Night Time’. The EP consists of five tracks of airy synths, warm, growling bass parts and vintage drum machines; laced with melancholic yet consuming vocal parts. 

Formerly, Mulini was the bass player and a vocalist in the band ‘Mussel Head’. He made his move into producing after the group disbanded in late 2017. Since the separation of Mussel Head, Mulini had been looking for a new way to create music that really pushed his parameters of knowledge and experience. Failing to find another group project that ticked all of the boxes, he decided to learn how to produce as a solo artist. This opened up a new creative chapter for the artist, where he explored writing styles and faced new challenges in the creation of his music.

Mulini went on to release his first single ‘Silence’ in July 2018. This was the starting point of a new project for him and it reignited his passion for creating music. Mulini followed this with the release of his two-song single ‘Regrets’ in August 2018; as well as his first self-produced and directed music video.

In the words of Mulini- “the creation of the Night Time EP was a learning curve for me as much as it was a fulfillment of my vision, I wrote it during an unstable time when I was struggling to see a way forward in the key areas of my life, and when I put pen to paper all these problems felt like they could be solved with what I was creating.”


Mulini is currently working on developing a captivating live set- which is primarily based around his current releases- and that has the flexibility to incorporate future releases by using live loops and a synthesizer.



Silence (Single)

1st JULY 2018

Insomnia (Single)

27TH MARCH 2020

Regrets (Single)

18th AUGUST 2018

Manic (Single)

24th APRIL 2020

Night Time (EP)

1st MARCH 2019

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