Mulini is one of the United Kingdom’s top up-and-coming artists who’s bringing a fresh sound to the international Alternative R&B markets. The 2020 release of his single, “Manic”, along with the breathtaking music video debut, shocked the world and has captivated a global audience seemingly overnight. A&R Factory proclaims, “Manic is a strong, somber performance with Mulini’s vocals rising out of an airy/synthy soundscape. His dark-sky, windy pop is well-written and well-produced... Manic has that right amount of moany-crooning throughout, and a strong choice for that listening indoors and staring out the window vibe”. 

In 2017, Mulini was searching for a new way to create music that would expand his creativity and ultimately decided to learn how to produce as a solo artist. This opened up a new creative chapter for the artist where he explored writing styles and faced new challenges in the creation of his music. In the words of Mulini, “The creation of the Night Time EP was a huge learning curve for me. I wrote it during an emotionally unstable time and was struggling to see a way forward in the key areas of my life. When I put pen to paper, all of these problems felt like they could be solved with what I was creating. In turn, all of the tracks on the EP were a fulfillment of my visions”. The 2019 release of his first EP, “Night Time”, was equally praised for its dynamic use of airy-synths, growling bass, and vintage drum machines.


Mulini has shared the stage with many dynamic acts over the past 4 years and has headlined shows in the UK with his previous group, ‘Mussel Head’. His jaw-dropping live shows continuously fill venues with screaming fans that can't get enough of his earth-shaking instrumentals and killer vocal performances. Fans have said that Mulini brings an energy to the stage that is hard to find at other shows and his prodigally dark version of alternative R&B is something that always leaves them begging for an encore. ​



Bliss (Single)

16th OCTOBER 2020

Night Time (EP)

1st MARCH 2019

Manic (Single)

24th APRIL 2020

Regrets (Single)

18th AUGUST 2018

Insomnia (Single)

27TH MARCH 2020

Silence (Single)

1st JULY 2018

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