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MULINI is one of the United Kingdom’s top up-and-coming artists and he’s bringing a fresh sound to the international Hip-Hop/Alternative Pop markets. His artistic outlook on everyday life conjures up iconic influences such as King Krule, Yung Lean, David Bowie and Tyler the Creator while having an equally unique sound that hypnotizes global audiences. In 2018 Mulini’s former band, Mussel Head, separated which inspired his journey to become a self-taught producer and artist. He created music from his home studio in Coventry for two years while releasing two singles and a five-track EP titled, ‘Night Time’. BBC Coventry, Radio Plus and Demon FM, featured Mulini propelling his new career into radio airplay, multiple articles/blogs, and on-air interviews. Mulini places great importance on creating relatable experiences that use a blend of audio and visual content to immerse listeners of all types. He went on to build relationships with music producers such as Matt Cotterill and film director, Sam Ebdon of FilmFront Productions, to help bring his new vision to life and reach even larger audiences. Signing with the U.S. based label, Brenner Productions Group in 2020, Mulini began to focus on inspiring a now-quarantined marketplace. The single, “Manic”, along with its breathtaking music video, debuted in April 2020 sparking interest from fans all over the globe including international press coverage due to its relatability with current world issues. The October 2020 release of his single, “Bliss”, reached over 20,000 worldwide streams in the first 28 days as a global audience fell in love with the track’s message to continue “reaching for the stars”. “Bliss” is the first of three stand-alone singles to be released ahead of the new EP and received an honorable mention under the Best Music Video category at the New Generation Film Festival. The second single, “Keep Moving”, is set to release in February 2021 and features Nuneaton based rapper, GSQ2. With the upcoming debut of the second EP titled, ‘Just Beyond’, Mulini is set to blaze a trail with five new songs and even more exciting content to follow.
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